Timothy Schmalz interview in Rome

Sculpture has the capability of creating “visual bites” that introduce truths in a universal language.

Sculpture acts for many as a gateway into the viewer’s own self understanding and spirituality. The more powerful the representation of the art, the more powerful the invitation becomes.

To create work that has the strength to both focus and then hold one’s attention, thereby deepening the understanding of the subject being presented…this describes my purpose as a sculptor.


Timothy Paul Schmalz Sculpting

I am devoted to creating meaningful sculpture about meaningful things.

I describe my sculptures as being visual signs. Saint Gregory the Great wrote that “art is for the illiterate”; the use of images was an extremely effective way to educate the general population. Our contemporary culture is in the same state today – not because of illiteracy, but because people are too busy to read.

Timothy Paul Schmalz Timeline



    Second cast of Angels Unawares, Washington, DC
    Second cast of Angels Unawares Made  for Washington D.C. To...

    2019 Public

    2019 Selected Public Sculptures
    Banana Waterloo, Ontario, Canada The Ark Installed in Muzzo Family...

    2019 Religious

    2019 Selected Religious Sculptures
    Angels Unawares St. Peters Square, Rome St. Paul’s Basilica, Rome...

    2018 Public

    2018 Selected Public Sculptures
    National Women’s Workers Monument Ajax, Ontario, Canada   Roycroft Sculpture...

    2018 Religious

    2018 Selected Religious Scultures
    When I Was In Prison St. Paul’s Basilica, Rome, ItalyHomeless...

    2016 Public

    2016 - Selected Public Sculptures
    Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Monument Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada Gordy...

    2016 Religious

    Jesus the Beggar Papal Charities Building, Vatican City, Rome, Italy...

    2015 Religious

    Selected Religious Sculptures
    Homeless Jesus Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland Almudena National Cathedral,...

    2015 PUBLIC

    Gordon Lightfoot Sculpture
    Golden Leaves Gordon Lightfoot Sculpture Park Orillia, Ontario, Canada


    Veterans Monument Waterloo
    Veterans Monument Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


    Kitchener Fire Fighter Monument
    Kitchener Fire Fighter Monument Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Back of Kitchener...


    National Mining Monument
    National Mining Museum Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


    Timothy in 1989
    After leaving Ontario College of Art, Timothy started sculpting full...